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    We are Angel Virtual Assistants, An Outsource Recruitment Company that provides pre-vetted Virtual Assistants. A multi-faceted and a dynamic company hailing from the Philippines and operating on the Digital sphere since 2013. At Angel VA everything is done for you from Headhunting, Onboarding and VA Management. We work on diverse and multiple areas providing General Virtual Assistance, Ecommerce solutions for Shopify and Amazon Platforms, Social Media Management and Virtual Telesales Solutions for both Outbound and Inbound. We aim to improve our clients businesses by assessing weaknesses and recommending effective solutions.​

  • What is an Angel VA?

    A Virtual Assistant, A highly skilled Virtual Professional that is Trustworthy, Sincere, Honest and is exceptionally multi-talented.

  • Top Three Reasons To hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant

    1. High Level of English Proficiency

    The Philippines regards English as its primary medium of instruction even if its official language is Tagalog. This is largely because of the American influence in culture and education. The results of a Business English Index study commissioned by California-based Global Education Corporation revealed that out of 76 countries, the Philippines attained a 7.11 score which grouped it with countries such as Norway, Estonia, Serbia and Slovenia in the top 5. Our English proficiency rating was graded 85% which is among the best in Asia.


    2. High Literacy Rate

    The Philippines has a literacy rate of 97%; among the highest in the world. The figure becomes more impressive when you consider the developing status of the Philippines as an economy. The literacy rate is expected to improve further with the Philippines’ transition to the K-12 educational system which adds another two years in formal schooling. With the adoption of K-12, the Philippines has left its status as one of three other countries that still used the traditional 10-year schooling program. The adoption of K-12 is also in preparation for ASEAN Integration in 2015.


    3. Perfect Cultural Fit

    The Philippines has had a history of colonization. The country was colonized by the Dutch, Spain, the United States and Japan. As a result, its culture is an amalgamation of social mores and values handed down from various generations. The Philippines has become a cultural melting pot with the innate ability to conform to social nuances from different countries.

    The Filipino Virtual Assistant will be an immediate contributor to the success of your business because of his or her ability to speak and write English at an appreciable level, a creditable rate of technical and fundamental competency and cultural trait of being able to work with people from different denominations. Most of all, they are widely reputed to be hard workers who are committed to fulfilling their tasks to the best of their abilities.

  • Save Money and Time. Increase Productivity

    One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs nowadays struggle to grow their businesses is because they are simply wearing too many hats. They do everything themselves in their business. What we commonly refer to as a "‘Superhero Syndrome".


    Be SMART, Leverage your time and delegate tasks by availing of a customised multi-talented Virtual Assistant from us rather than trying to cover everything yourself on your business. We will help you save time and increase productivity by providing you of a trustworthy and reliable personal VA. FOCUS on your Sales and scaling your business while we take care of all the ground work.


  • How It Works

    Easy Steps on availing your own Assistant


    Sign the Availment Agreement

    There is an Non-Binding Agreement that you may opt to continue or discontinue at any time, Base on your discretion on prior notice.


    No Security Deposit Required

    Everything is in good Faith. We trust that your'e

    serious on scaling your business and we are committed

    to helping your business grow. We are a firm believer that

    the secret to succesful business relationships begins with Trust.



    Voila! Your VA request is being processed and will soon be with you.

    We'll deliver your Personal Assistant within 48 Hours.


    You will be assigned a designated Account Manager to guide you along the way

    A dedicated Account Manager would be assign to your account to guide you along the way and to ensure that all your needs are met.

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